Meatpacking District, NYC

We believe in the power of art & design. We specialize in creative print and digital brand identity & development. We have a strong vision; which we express by being thoughtful, sophisticated and fun.

We work emotionally, drawing smart connections from our background to increase positive relationships with consumers. By basing our work on this design philosophy, we create visions for brands that are bold and empower interaction.

We understand a brand's need to stand out and show the value and return on investment of brilliant design.

We believe individuals expect brands to be agents of service, we design to respond and offer solutions to these challenges.

We believe tomorrow’s leaders will be those who embrace change, adapt swiftly to new paradigms, and lead by action, not rhetoric.

We keep on top of design so brands can be ahead of the curve, and so we can anticipate the change driven by trends.

We believe we should become a complete extension of your team and provide a positive, calm and successful creative experience.

Most importantly, we believe in relationships.




Specialities: Graphic Design, Branding, Photography and Digital Experiences.

New Work

Please check out our newest digital experience: This Light Shines.

Each candle comes with a number. When you register your candle on thislightshines.com you can dedicate your candle to the memory of someone you've loved who's passed on. The site pin-points each registered candle on a interactive map, where users are able to search and navigate the map to find your candle and those dedicated to others.

Users share on Facebook or Tweet the #shines4 + #DedicatedPerson the flame will blossom into a lotus and stay bloomed for 24 hours. Every time you are thinking of that person you can tweet the map to keep their blossom full.


New Website Coming Soon!

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We look forward to getting to know you and your brand better.